Quotes/video - LA Kings Insider

I’m about to jump on the Kings’ conference call with Willie Mitchell, but for now, here are a couple things. First, a few quotes from Mitchell, as provided by the Kings, and then the video of Heidi Androl’s interview with Kings assistant general manager Ron Hextall…


On Joining The Kings: “It’s very exciting. It’s a new opportunity and new opportunities are really exciting. I feel very fortunate to get a chance to join a young team that is getting better and better every year and hopefully I can come in there and do the things I have done throughout my career and add another piece to the puzzle and win a Stanley Cup.”

On Kings- Canucks Playoffs: “Speaking to ex-teammates of mine now, and some peers of mine, they felt the Kings gave them everything that they could handle. That’s exciting for a young team and as a young team you have to go through some series and experiences like that to get you to the next level. I have been to the playoffs a lot in my career and hopefully I can come down and bring some experience in those situations and help the team build toward the ultimate prize.”

Medical Update: “Yeah it’s been done on my schedule, but not so much on the schedule of general managers and coaches. In free agency, you want to get things done on July 1, but I wanted to go through the proper things and the proper protocol and by that I mean training at the proper level that I need to train at, the level that I want to skate at and put myself through all those rigors to get myself ready to play at a level I am used to playing. I have done that and that’s when I started speaking with teams and now I am excited about the opportunity here and hopefully I can help that team get to another level.”