Smyth postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Ryan Smyth’s postgame thoughts…

(on scoring a goal…)
SMYTH: “I was pretty excited. Obviously when you miss a chunk of games, you want to feel like you’re contributing and being a part. When I scored, it was pretty exciting. It was big. We scored on the power play and we contributed that way, and that was something that was needed too.”

(on being in a playoff spot halfway through the season…)
SMYTH: “We had, I believe, a great first half. We do have a lot of room for improvement. We want to get to the postseason. It’s going to get tighter. It’s going to get harder. It’s going to be a grind. Games like this, or even games like last night, if we can pull out on the win side in tight-checking games, you’ve got to find a way to get two points, or a point for sure. Each point, from here on in, is so important.”

(on coming back after a late night…)
SMYTH: “I thought we had a hard-fought battle in Calgary, and it was a physical, draining game. When you fall short like that, it’s hard on players mentally, because we feel that we should have come out with a point or two out of that game. But we didn’t. We came with a sense of urgency tonight, right from the outset. Sometimes you sit back, in the second game of the back to back, and tonight we didn’t do that at all. I think that was a big part of our result.”