Handzus postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Michal Handzus’ postgame thoughts…

(on coming back after the late night…)
HANDZUS: “It was desperation, mostly. We lost four in a row, and we want to get back in the race. Obviously we lost three close games, and we knew we didn’t play that bad. We just had to step it up a little bit more, and everybody has to give a little bit more. That’s how we were talking, and we were feeling that we are coming out of it. Everybody just has to give a little bit more, and obviously we showed it in the first. That was a big event for us.”

(on whether it’s impressive to be in a playoff spot halfway through the season…)
HANDZUS: “For sure. We wanted to gave a good start, for sure, and set ourselves up for the second half, to compete for the playoffs. And we are right there, so it’s good. I think it shows that if we play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, we’re right on the top and we can play with anybody. So I think that’s what shows in the first half, that if we play our game, our system, our structure, we can beat anybody and we can be a very good team. It’s a learning process, going through it, especially these last couple games. We got away a couple times, and it shows. Sometimes not even the whole game, just a couple shifts, and they score against us. That’s the way it’s going to be over the (next) half season and the playoffs. Those little things matter most. We are sitting good, but now we have to step up even more.”

(on his new line…)
HANDZUS: “It was good. Seegs is really good. He’s really fast and physical. He’s got good skill too. We were talking a lot. We were talking on the bench and talking on the ice, and I think that’s the key for us. He fit really well.”