Scuderi on Monday? - LA Kings Insider

Here’s what Rob Scuderi said, after practice today, about his recovery from his lower-body injury and the likelihood that he will return to the Kings’ lineup for Monday’s home game against Calgary…

Question: How are you feeling? Do you feel like you’re progressing?

SCUDERI: “It’s kind of been `two steps forward and one step back’ for the last 20 days, but it’s felt really good as of late. I would really like to play some games before we have this really long break coming up. I don’t think I need any more time off. I think I’m aiming to play vs. Calgary. I think it’s a little too late for tomorrow, but I’d really like to play against Calgary. That’s what I’m going to hope for, but who knows if the coach is going to want to change the lineup, the way the guys have been playing. So we’ll see what happens.”

Question: Terry has indicated that he’s ready to put you in whenever you’re ready to go. Is that the communication you’ve had with him?

SCUDERI: “Yeah, we’ve talked about it, but sometimes when a team is playing well, that’s the way it goes. If they want to put me in, I certainly want to play when I feel I’m ready and that I can contribute. I feel like I’m really getting there, and at that point it will be the coach’s decision.”

Question: Is it more than you don’t want to play when you feel you’re not at your best, or is it that you’re concerned about re-injury?

SCUDERI: “You don’t want to play the game if you’re not yourself, and you can’t do the things you normally do. The truth is, we have the depth to put someone else out there. So as much as I want to play, I would never force myself out there, at the expense of my teammates.”