Blackhawks postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

“I thought it was a real good road trip. We got nine out of 12 points in six tough buildings. At the beginning of it, you would have taken that. I thought the third period today was our best of the game and it put ourselves in a pretty good spot. Every game is going to be a challenge. There are no easy games. We’ve been on the road for a while and, at the end of trips, traditionally teams look like they’re looking for the finish line, but I like how we competed and, like I said about our third period, we were determined about trying to get something out of it.”

“We’re not going to say we’re satisfied, but all in all you can say it was a good road trip; we’re definitely not thinking about that entirely right now. We’re kind of disappointed about not coming up with two points tonight. But we’ve proven that we can win on the road again this year and it’s a big step for us. It’s good to get our first core of the season [ahead of the pack].”

“I thought it was close the whole way. We came on and pushed it on toward the end in the [third period], and we able to create a few power plays and capitalize on one, but I thought it was a lot better effort than we did in Anaheim. But at the same time, it’s still tough when you lose. Sometimes you win in the shootouts and sometime you don’t.”