Murray quotes on Jonathan Quick - LA Kings Insider

MURRAY: “The goalie needs to be better. Who’s kidding who here? Everybody sees the puck going into the net, on shots where he’s getting a clear look, he’s going down early. He’s starting to maybe guess a little bit in those situations, and he’s just got to toughen up. He’s got to suck it up and start to play better and get that little arrogance back, inner arrogance, that he had last year. When things went a little bad on him, with one particular goal, he tightened things up and became the goaltender that you say, `Oh man, this guy is going to be a great NHL goaltender.’ That’s what he has to get back to.

“This is a critical time for a young goaltender. Quick is my No. 1 goaltender. He has to make the next step. He has to bounce back. He’s got to figure that part out. He’s just got to push himself, toughen up mentally, and get the job done. He will be back in the net the next game. It’s a very important time for him to learn something from this effort tonight.”